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May 13 2024 added this changelog (and retroactively added previous changes according to their github date lol). consolidated resources and neighbors pages to the new links page, and the previous links page has been renamed to the linkree page

May 7 2024 added "days" review, resources page, and neighbors page. edited links page. miscellaneous visual edits

Apr 30 2024 added birthday blog and "lost connections" review, + miscellaneous visual edits

Apr 23 2024 added career blog, fixing typos

Apr 19 2024 added reviews page with reviews for "yakuza 5," "happy together," "civil war"

Apr 16 2024 opened charity commissions for palestine. published yakuza 5 finale blog post. miscellaneous css fixes with image grids and links

Apr 2 2024 published game blog post

Mar 24 2024 overhauled the home page, commission page, and about pages. added links page

Mar 11 2024 added favicon, site button, and neighbors list. edited about page

Mar 7 2024 created commissions page and published tomodachi life blog post

Mar 4 2024 added main blog page and published first blog post, miscellaneous visual edits

Mar 1 2024 set up github deploy (i do not remember any changes prior to this since they're not on github)

Feb 28 2024 published this site! i think! i started working on this around the last week of February

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  • James Arthur O'Connor - Two Figuress in a Moonlit Landscape (1792–1841)
  • John Thomas Serres - The wreck of the H.M.S. Deal Castle off Puerto Rico (1759–1825)
  • Hans Gude & Adolph Tidemand - Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord (1848)
  • Thorolf Holmboe - Flying Cormorants (1902)
  • Ivan Aivazovsky - Sea Coast #1 (1886)
  • Alexandre Calame - Forest in the High Mountains with Flock of Goats (1847)
  • August Piepenhagen - A Brook Under Deciduous Trees (1830s)
  • Georges William Thornley - Moonlit Harbour Scene (1857–1935)
  • Carl Spitzweg - Violinist for his cave house (1808–1885)
  • Albert Bierstadt - Mountain Brook (1863)